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I was born in Venice (IT) during an earthquake shock.

I am an artist who loves to transpose uncomfortable themes into aesthetically impactful artworks.


I graduated from Arts High School of Venice (IT). Those years let me master the technique to approach easily painting styles, supports, two-dimensional and three-dimensional copies, subjects and creations thus maintaining a basic coherence. The study of art history allowed me to build a solid knowledge of cultural material and immaterial heritage.

I was beginning to form a lively aesthetic sense.


At DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Entertainment) University of Bologna (IT), I deepened the historical-cultural and theoretical-methodological aspect of the visual arts, cinema, music, theater and dance. Studying the visual and performing arts allowed me to grasp the features, appreciate the value and refer it to the historical context of origin and fruition, understanding the functions and relations with other areas of knowledge.

Thus I began to experience the mix of the traditional teaching and the lab activities and strengthen awareness of beauty and art.


I graduated in General and Experimental Psychology at University of Padua (IT) with neuropsychological address. I developed skills on the human being ranging from observed behavior to brain physiology. My aim was to understand how the mind works and acquire a basic knowledge of the research methods. This education supported my critical thinking: carefully analyzing the object of study, evaluating its possible implications and reaching conclusions.

Beginning to travel through the biological and biochemical basis of the brain, I also started to discover how emotions and behaviors were orchestrated.


I was interested in deepening more aspects of the human being. The topic of my thesis was the spatial exploration of a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. In my research the body assumed a fundamental role. The mind was not expressed as a set of brain circuits but as the result of a distributed phenomenon who did not lay only in the head: every cognitive activity carried out was always linked to the movement and the environment.

I carefully observed the effects of cognitive dissonance in which the rational brain knew to be protected from risks, while the instinctive part believed real what was experimenting.


During the research period in collaboration with the Vision Research Group at UCL (University College of London, UK) the topic covered was the perception of movement with respect to the temporal and spatial position of visual stimuli.

The mismatch between real and perceived movements became once again a point for meditation: in that case perception was never awareness, but only the processing of sensory data.


Later at the Department of Experimental Psychology at University of Padua (IT), I explored the perceptual effects related to chromatic assimilation.

I was beginning to understand that the objective sensations of colors were experienced when appeared in their original essence: light. Colors were the actions of light.


Study and training are endless processes. I obtained the qualification for teaching Art and Languages ​​at Aldo Bargero Academy of Anthroposophy in Venice (IT), the Rudolf Steiner international Centre for Education. The recognition of connection between physical, emotional and cognitive development and the ideal inspiration to a free, creative and responsible human becoming brought me back to the Greek concept of academia as a meeting place of art, science and social life.

The vision of anthroposophical art goes beyond the concept of artistic experience: a painting is never the reproduction of a model but a creation of the forming force of colors harmonized with the work of intellect, heart and hands.

My artworks, often satirical and concerning politics, ethics and culture, are made in essential colors.

I like to transpose uncomfortable themes into works permeated with a direct and intelligible aesthetic as much as an advertising poster, with the aim of bringing them to everyone’s enjoyment and raising awareness for reflection.

It is the simplicity of the images that allows my artworks to be immediately perceived, and the elements of dissonance that are present reinforce their sarcastic and subversive flavor.


  • Qualification for Art and Languages ​​Teaching at Free Academy of Anthroposophy Aldo Bargero of Venice (IT), recognized by Rudolf Steiner Schools Federation of Italy, the Goetheanum Freire Hochshule für Geisteswissenshaft Pädagogische Sektion of Dornarch (CH) and MIUR – Ministry of Public Education, University and Research, Rome (IT).


  • Art Teacher’s Assistant at Freire Waldorfshule, Bonn (DE), institute recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (DE).
  • Teacher and Art Teacher’s Assistant at Colégio Waldorf Micael, São Paulo (BR). Institute sponsored by Associação de Pedagógia Antroposofica de São Paulo (BR) and recognized by Ministério da Educação with the Certificado de Entidade Beneficente de Assistência Social (CEBAS).


  • Master in Sports Psychology and Management at Psychosport® Academy SkillDinamics, Milan (IT).


  • Qualification to the profession of Psychologist. National examination at University of Padua (IT).


  • Development of a research project in neuroscience on vision, in particular on the Flash-Lag effect in which the movement of visual stimuli with respect to their temporal and spatial position is processed. In collaboration with the Vision Research Group of UCL (University College of London) under the supervision of Prof. Alan Johnston (UK).
  • Development of a research project in neuroscience on luminance and transparency, in particular on the Phantom effect connected to the perceptual effects of chromatic assimilation, under the supervision of Prof. Osvaldo da Pos at the Department of General and Experimental Psychology of University of Padua (IT).


  • Degree in General and Experimental Psychology, Neuropsychological address at University of Padua (IT). My thesis focuses on the Efficient exploration role of a virtual reality (VR) environment in an orientation task. The research investigated the ability to orient oneself, organize routes and reach target point in environment without landmarks.


  • Study at DAMS Academy (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment) at University of Bologna (IT).


  • Graduated at the Arts School of Venice, Architecture address (IT).

Solo show


  • Solo Exhibition at Archer Bar, 22 December, Melbourne (AUS). On the same day a live radio interview on the national network Melbourne Rete Italia 1593 kHz, 8-9 am.


  • On the ceiling at The Old George Irish Pub, June 3-July 9, Venice (IT).
  • Metamateria at Bistrot ai Do Draghi, March 28-April 12, Venice (IT).

Group show


  • Dante tra ombre e luci, Giorgio Mondadori Editions, international contemporary art exhibition on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. Curators: Giancarlo Caneva, Boris Brollo, Carlo Motta, Giuseppe Siano, Leo Strozzieri. President of the de Claricini Dornpacher Foundation: Oldino Cernoia. Author of the catalog: Giuseppe Siano. April 23-November 7, Villa de Claricini Dornpacher, Udine (IT). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho-82ljDXh0


  • Stendardi – Io sono libertà, io sono forte, international art exhibition at Palmanova Pavilion of Officine Forte Marghera, sponsored by Rosso Veneziano Association and Forte Marghera Foundation, curated by Prof. Giancarlo da Lio, Venice (IT). http://fondazionefortemarghera.it/eventi/stendardi/


  • Pro Biennale d’Arte, international exhibition on the occasion of the Venice Biennale at Scuola Grande di San Teodoro and Spoleto Art Pavilion, curated by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi and organized by Salvo Nugnes president of Spoleto Arte, May 5-27, Venice (IT). https://events.veneziaunica.it/it/content/pro-biennale-2019
  • Member of the Artistic Committee of D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery, Venice (IT).
  • Visioni del Lei, international exhibition by D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery, December 5-20, Venice (IT).
  • Artist selected by D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery for the permanent exhibition at Hotel Tintoretto, Venice (IT).
  • Renato Nardi National Painting Award by Renato Nardi Cultural and Artistic Association, September 21-October 6, Giudecca island of Venice (IT).
  • Espressione Donna, national competition by D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery on March 8-9, Venice (IT).
  • La Bauta d’Oro 2019, national competition by D’E.M. Venice Art Gallery on February 28-March 6, Venice (IT).


  • Art Award 2006 international competition by Editorial Giorgio Mondadori, June, Museo della Permanente in Milan (IT).
  • 22° Renato Marinato Price, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association and Marghera Municipality, May 20-27, Venice (IT).
  • Lights in the night by Armando Pizzinato Cultural Association and Chirignago-Zelarino Municipality, July 19-August 9, Venice (IT).


  • Aphorisms, national competition by Oderzo Municipality, May 27-June 12, at Brugnera Porcia Counts Palace, Treviso (IT).
  • 20° Renato Marinato Price, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association and Marghera Municipality, May 22-29, Venice (IT).


  • Art in the environment through streets and courtyards, international exhibition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association, Ponte Nelle Alpi Municipality and Pro Loco, Fractional Committees and Belluno Province, Belluno-Ponte nelle Alpi Mountain Community and Assindustria Belluno, August 2-10 , Belluno (IT).
  • Art Paths 2003, national competition, by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association under the patronage of Social Policies Dept. and Venice G. Pisani Group at Auchan Shopping Center Gallery, February 17-March 1, Venice (IT).
  • 19° Renato Marinato Price, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association and Marghera Municipality, May 17-24, Venice (IT).


  • 7° Minipainting and Minisculture with Poetry corner, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Marghera Municipality, November 9-16, Venice (IT).
  • 9° Minipainting and Minisculture Beppi Spolaor, regional competition by Visual Arts Cultural Association, Mira Municipality and Department of Culture, Venice (IT).
  • Painting for charity, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association, Cooperativa Realtà and Marghera Municipality, Venice (IT).
  • 18° Renato Marinato Price, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association and Marghera Municipality, May 11-18, Venice (IT).
  • 51° Fair of painting, national competition by U.C.A.I. (Italian Artists Catholic Union), December 20-January 7, San Vidal Gallery (SV Space), Venice (IT).
  • III National Biennial Exhibition of Visual Arts – Villa Farsetti Award, national competition by A Sè Stante Cultural Association and Marghera Municipality, under the patronage of Santa Maria di Sala Municipality, Province of Venice and Veneto Region, May 5-12, Venice (IT).
  • Grand’Italia Coffee by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association, Grand’Italia Coffee, Venice (IT).


  • Landfall Art Center, side event of the Venice Biennale by ACMA (Malamocco Alberoni Cultural Association) and Venice Municipality, June 28-July 1, Venice (IT).
  • 7° International Illustration Competition by Teatrio Cultural Association and Veneto Region, July 2-August 31, Venice (IT).
  • Quotidiana 2001 – Exhibition of Young Italian Artists: national competition of Applied, Visual and Video Art by Youth Project of Padua Municipality in collaboration with Association for the Young Italian Artists Circuit at Civic Museum of the Saint, October 18-November 19, Padua (IT).
  • 8° Minipainting and Minisculture Beppi Spolaor, regional competition by Visual Arts Cultural Association, Mira Municipality and Department of Culture, April 21-29, Venice (IT).
  • 17° Renato Marinato Price, national competition by Serenissima Cultural and Artistic Association and Marghera Municipality, May 5-12, Venice (IT).


  • 1° Extemporary Painting Competition of Dolo city, regional competition by Isola Bassa Dolo Association and Mira and Dolo Municipality, May 1, Venice (IT).


  • Veneto Region Prize by G.R.E.S.T. Project and Marghera Municipality, Venice (IT).
Article by Daniela Paties Montagner, Rome Country Newspaper of 29 July 2021

Artist mentioned among the 80 contemporaries with the artwork “Papé Satan”, inspired by the Divine Comedy and exhibited in the spaces of the seventeenth-century Villa de Claricini Dornpacher. The exhibition “Dante between shadows and lights” took place on the outskirts of Cividale del Friuli (UD) from 25 June to 22 September 2021, curated by Boris Brollo. My artwork is present in the catalog of Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

Dante tra luci e ombre a Villa de Claricini Dornpacher

Integration of the artistic languages with myth and circular economy

The integration of a modified element of traditional ecological wisdom and a multiple artistic language can trigger pro-active behaviors with respect to the circular economy: Persephone is a project that encourages sustainable and positive behaviors in people, promoting a change of mentality in favor of respect. for the environment.

The images I created for this project (ink on paper, 2019) generate a narrative sequence together with the musical composition. The classic Greco-Roman myth of Persephone, which normally represents the four seasons of the year, is transformed here to discourage the harmful effects of the landfill.

The figures I made represent the four seasons. Autumn and winter correspond to the death of Persephone and nature, or the landfill and its harmful consequences, while during spring and summer, which correspond to recycling or reuse, Persephone and nature are reborn. I chose circular shapes because nature always chooses these as a preferential ornament, giving us a feeling of beauty and order that man has always tried to imitate. The shapes of the graphics grow according to geometric progressions, forming logarithmic spirals and recalling the concepts of the circular economy. As in the natural world many growth phenomena require the properties of homogeneity and self-similarity, so also in the progression of the seasons the structure is centered on the woman element and her rebirth process after death.

On the concept of the eco-physicist Marco Casazza and my graphics, a fresco of digital music was created to encourage positive behavior in people, inducing a change of mentality in favor of respect for the environment. We are convinced that the integration of a modified element of traditional ecological wisdom and a multiple artistic language can trigger proactive behaviors regarding these issues.

This project was presented at the Artem Organizational Creativity and Sustainability international conference at Technische Universität Chemnitz and ICN Business School Artem (2019, DE) and is present on B-Nature’s youtube channel.

https://artemocc2020.sciencesconf.org/data/book_artemocc2020_en.pdf  page 166

Guest at Piave News

I was guest at Cultural Horizons, a program at Piave News studios in San Donà di Piave (VE), the television event during which artists, writers and relevant personalities of our national cultural panorama are interviewed by the host and literary critic, lecturer and journalist Leonardo Vecchiotti.


Music covers on Spotify, YouTube and Amazon Music

Many of my artworks are present on the major digital music distribution channels worldwide such as Spotify, Youtube and Amazon Music, as covers of electronic music singles by the musician and composer Alessandro Leo. Currently, The smart list is the cover of Resignation, The heuristic buffoon of Pills and I am an artist. Not a real person of Rebirth. The images of this project are inspired by the period of global psycho-physical restriction due to Covid-19 and instill a spark of hope and trust in all those who will observe them.










Music and Painting: art as action

In collaboration with Alessandro Leo I participated with my abstract works in the creation of the project Musical Resources: Music and Painting. The assumption is that certain strokes give a graphic rhythm and combined with certain colors create a visual composition, conveying a sensation of movement in various directions as if it were emitted by different musical instruments.

The language of art is dynamic, no longer a product but an action. By freeing form and color from their descriptive constraints to open them to an abstract language, we can attribute a sound to them. Even the concept of improvisation fits into the language of painting as well as dance and music: the artist can represent the work when he produces it, just as the musician manifests the sound when it happens. Each element that enters the score is able to vary and redesign itself, following a course free from any pre-established objective.

I selected eleven images to represent the relationship between music and painting in relation to the concepts of movement and randomness, with attention to dodecaphonic music and the functions of light and color and silence and noise: Cut the beast, Reviews scores, Ready to play, Fake apple, Walking on air, Acute physiology and Going global (acrylic on paper, 2019), Binary code, O_45 and O_17 (acrylic on paper, 2017), Capture pure emotions (acrylic on canvas, 2018).